Copywriting: The Art of making YOU Money.

Copywriting: The Art of making YOU Money.

Before all the good stuff, you first need to understand why you KILL your business:

1 . You have a product but no market.

2. Have both product and market but get only unhappy customers.

3. People just aren’t familiar with your brand. ( That’s why you need great copywriters. )

4. You get money, you don’t spend it on educating or investing in yourself. BIG MISTAKE

    ( Remember: A successful product doesn’t stay successful forever )

5. You suck at selling. Your sales page doesn’t convert. Fix It.

6. You are not reading books to educate yourself.

7. Not working with quality people. Huge mistake.


When I’m working with my clients, I always ask them to fix these fundamental foundations then hire a copywriter like myself to sell your vision.

I personally think that if you have a great product then the world should know about it.

That’s what personally drives me to write an amazing copy.

But before you jump on to work with me or any other experts, Remember:

  • Test your product in the market:

    • Most copy only drives massive sales, not kickstart your product. ( Well it can, but make sure to at least test the market before paying the big bucks. )
  • Know your Customer:

    •  If you are not aware of your customer then Good luck making money mate.
    • For Example, I only work with a small business in the “Make money online” industry and Coaching industry
  • Know THEIR why:

    • There’s a saying: “People don’t buy Drills, they buy holes.” This saying is pretty popular in my industry and eye-opening too.
    • Don’t sell stuff that pleases you, sell stuff that pleases others.
    • Think about it.


Before working with me, get the above stuff taken care of. I do accept Clients occasionally.

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  • I work with only Small business in the “Make Money Online” industry or in Coaching industry. (But I do special exceptions)
  • Again, take care of the above points before reaching out to me.
  • It may take up to one week for me to respond. Thanks for Understanding.